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Is that
California or
New Jersey?


Design Challenge

I grew up in New Jersey. Years later, I was lucky enough to move to California. I remember walking through the streets of San Francisco shortly after my arrival and seeing a brightly painted mural that looked instantly familiar. "Wow," I said. "Why does some random person in San Francisco have a painted mural of the outline of New Jersey?" That's when I realized it wasn't New Jersey. It was an outline of California and I was an idiot. Or was I? That got me wondering. Could I create a map that fooled people into thinking that New Jersey was actually New California?


The map contains a mirror image of the outline of New Jersey. Since New Jersey is tiny and California is huge, the size of New Jersey is increased something like 10X. And finally, I set about placing some of California's key cities onto the map.

My Role

I designed this map as a two-color silkscreen. Because it's pretty simple, I was able to shoot the screens and create the silkscreen posters myself.