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Mapping the Future
of Beer Drinking


Design Challenge

Over the last three years, I’ve geeked out on the art of beer brewing. Over that same period, I’ve also immersed myself in fictional cartography (which I define as the sort of map that could be real, but isn’t). With Bean Brew, I've asked myself, how could I combine my passion for beer brewing and fictional cartography to create the ultimate beer drinking experience?


Each batch of Bean Brew is bottled in 16 large format bottles, with a different theme for each production run (some themes thus far have included a fake submarine race from San Francisco to Oakland and an expedition from San Francisco to Antarctica to discover more urban living space). Accompanying each bottle is an #analog survey, which includes a dozen questions on the beer drinking experience that can range from the banal ('Where did you consume your Bean Brew?') to the bizarre ('Do you like penguins?'). The 16 bottles of Bean Brew are distributed to 16 lucky drinkers, who consume the beer and complete the #analog survey. Once I get the drinking data back at Bean Brew HQ, I set about designing a map that displays the survey data. Several months later, each lucky Bean Brew drinker gets a silkscreened edition of the map, which contextualizes the drinking experience alongside the other members of Bean Brew drinking cohort. 

My Role

I brew the beer and design every aspect of the Bean Brew drinking experience. The fictional mapping is done with QGIS and Adobe Illustrator. Although I used to silkscreen my own posters, I’ve begun outsourcing that task to the super talented Rand Renfrow in Austin.

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The Art in Action

Take a stroll through the Bean Brew experience over the last few brewing seasons.