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Design Challenge

California has many National Parks. This is good. But let's be honest, having this many National Parks can be just a little bit confusing to keep track off. I set out to design a map that shows the real National Parks. And the National Parks that might just exist. 


The map details the 16 National Parks of California, 9 of which actually exist. The description accompanying each park — while humorous — also takes a great deal of fictional license. 

My Role

I made this map with my typical workflow, initially editing the mapping shapefiles in QGIS, before exporting a vector file into Illustrator. The finished map was created as a 3-color silkscreen and sent off to the talented Rand Renfrow in Austin. Unfortunately, 48 of the existing 50 silkscreen prints were stolen from the streets of San Francisco during a recent move. If by chance you see any copies out in the world, please let me know!