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So what’s in a story?


Design Challenge

IDEO Stories came about as a way to help IDEO designers weave personal storytelling narratives into their professional craft. I was an IDEO Storyteller, then transitioned into the role of IDEO Stories “coach” (think design director mixed up with high school drama teacher). After five years and counting as a tentpole cultural event at IDEO, we challenged ourselves with taking the best part of IDEO Stories and designing it into a storytelling process that even our most analytical clients could rock successfully.


What we didn't create was another version of the Moth. Instead, the Stories approach helps clients connect themselves as humans to the work that they do as leaders at an organization. An authentic personal story can unlock the hears and minds of customers or employees in ways that strategy decks or company values often can't. We also created a way to help leaders think about the the visuals that accompany their story. No crowded PowerPoint slides and white space is actually your friend.

My Role

I led the design team that created the Client Stories approach. Over the last two years, I've guided C-suite executives, law firm partners, and rank and file employees through the process.