I'm a Design Director at IDEO, a cool design & innovation company.

My craft is Systems Design, which means that I help design teams tackle organizational challenges at different levels within complex systems. I also have rich experience leading and managing teams of designers, which can sometimes feel like herding cats, but is almost always enormously satisfying too. I've led client relationships with crazy complicated organizations like the Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, and a handful of billion-dollar law firms you've likely never heard of. And I’ve built some interesting + impactful digital products and platforms along the way.

Here are some examples of my work. Thanks for visiting.

Storytelling + Scaling Design Thinking

Gates 2025:
The Gates Foundation

IDEO Stories:
IDEO & External Clients

Human-Centered Design for
Social Innovation Course:


Platform and Program Design

UK Department for
International Development

HCD Connect:
IDEO.org &
The Gates Foundation

Project Repat:
Social Enterprise

501c(3) Nonprofit


Organizational Transformation

A Bank that Can’t be Named

Legal Design & Innovation Portfolio