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Law + Innovation = Possible?

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Design Challenge

IDEO designers are fearless, creative, and brilliant. Over the years, we've tackled design challenges in almost every industry imaginable. Except...legal innovation! Lawyers were scared of innovation. And our IDEO designers were terrified of the legal industry. Drawing on my background as lawyer turned designer, I set out to change things. 


The practice of law is ancient and venerable. And far too many of the systems and services for providing legal help seem trapped in the past as a result. Lawyers are risk adverse by nature and they often don’t like to try new ways of working unless they are certain of success. The legal industry that knows it must adapt, but isn’t equipped with the mindsets or the skillsets to do so. Over the last two years, our legal innovation practice has been using human-centered design to tackle innovation challenges in the legal industry. We’ve worked on projects for both law firms and in-house legal departments, with a focus on reimagining the ways lawyers work, redesigning the delivery of legal services, and creating research and development capacity within law firms.

My Role

I co-founded the Legal Innovation practice, which sits within IDEO’s design studio focused on organizational change. In this capacity, I’ve worked to win business and lead design teams focusing on legal innovation challenges within law firms, companies, and court systems.

Here are a small handful of the types of design projects we’ve been tackling.