Books & Such


Over the years I’ve written some books. Most of them will never be quite finished. But in case I get hit by a bus crossing the street, here they are in one place, suitable for your downloading pleasure.



The Clocktower

Charlotte is a brave fifth-grader with red hair and no cellphone. This is an adventure story involving time travel, dark library tunnels, the island of San Francisco, and a mysterious substitute gym teacher named Mr. Tinker.

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The Free Agent

Simon is a supremely fast minor league baseball player named Simon in a drought-ridden version of North America rocked by war and wildfire. He meets a soon-to-be-married woman named Moonlight. Simon’s love for Moonlight is certain, hers for him is murkier.

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Pete Peanut & the Trouble with Birthdays

Meet Pete Peanut, a quiet sort of peanut who likes sleeping late on Saturdays and long walks by the stream. Trouble arrives for Pete when a single birthday invitation drops through his letter slot.

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Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel stars a Delta Force veteran named Cup wandering America and sleeping in public libraries. Cup is hired to be the head of security at Buckner’s, the first Yankee bar in Boston. He falls for Loretta, an ex-paralegal running a T-shirt store caught up in a domestic terrorism investigation.

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The Empleados

Gray quits his office job to become a full-time Internet gambler. He wins fifty thousand dollars on a single bet, only to see it stolen along with the entirety of his savings by an offshore gambling website with access to his checking account. Gray sells his belongings, packs up his cat, and heads to Costa Rica to retrieve his money.

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Science fiction


Jonas drops out of college to pay his legal bills after getting arrested. He begins working in a physics lab and helps create the vacuum balloon, which uses nanotechnology and the geometry of Buckminster Fuller to achieve personal flight inside a backpack. With the aid of the vacuum balloon, Jonas works to extricate himself from the machinery of the criminal justice system and to expose the dirty cop who arrested him.

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Hello Joe

Joe works in the “Specialized Raised Lettering Department” at a credit card factory. Battling an irrational fear of construction workers and a toilet-flushing obsession, Joe sets off to rescue the love of his life without missing a day of work.

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Short Story

The Box

An alcoholic American heads to Australia to deliver a mysterious box, leaving a trail of destruction and ridiculousness in his wake.

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